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Nonprofits are constantly looking for solutions and often ask themselves:
Why they don’t get funded?  Where do I find my donors? How can I bring more funds?



Nonprofits are confronting unnecessary fines, loss of their 501c3 status, lack of funding, running out of money, and exhaustion. Nonprofits need to understand how to operate to be successful.



We are the best SOLUTION to meet your expectations:

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MagnifyFund has been a huge asset to the culture, equity, and bottom line of our firm. They helped us develop a solid foundation of relationships with business and community organizations, identified valuable new partnerships, and dramatically expanded the reach of our corporate social responsibility efforts –one of the defining values of our company.

Monica Chan Gonzalez JGA Marketing President

Margaret Delmont-Sanchez is a Non-Profit Guru. She knows the details of the non-profit world and has the first hand experience to help guide boards through the start-up and growth phases. We have seen first-hand her expertise in various roles leading non-profits in South Florida.

Jorge Hernandez GBS Group CFO & Director of Business Start-up services

As Regional Representative in Latin America for the Global Peace Foundation and the Latin American Presidential Mission I have been highly satisfied with the professional services provided to us by the bilingual consulting firm, MagnifyFund. At the beginning of 2017, I tasked the company with laying the groundwork for opening an official GPF/LAPM chapter in the state of Florida. Since then, MagnifyFund has organized a number of high-level breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings as well as other private meetings with potential partners and sponsors. Setting up and successfully executing these meetings was not a small undertaking, and MagnifyFund has handled the details in an effective, organized and professional manner. Remarkably, in a very short time, MagnifyFund helped up to obtain several in-kind donations for a variety of meetings in Miami, plus a cash donation of US$ 25,000 to bring a group of former Latin American Heads of State to a trade and culture forum being held in Fort Lauderdale in the month of October 2017. In this way and others, MagnifyFund has helped us to speedly accomplish our objectives at minimum cost and substantially below our original budget projections.

Thomas Field Global Peace Foundation – Latin America Presidential Mission Director for Latin America http://misionpresidencial.com/ and https://www.globalpeace.org/

The main benefit that we derived from MagnifyFund services was the ability to develop a general framework for looking at our donor network and identifying opportunities to further engage active donors or reengage donors that we have lost over time to attrition. This has revolutionized our entire fundraising approach and really helped us maximize fundraising ROI by focusing on the more efficient areas of retention and referral.

JORGE H. GONZALEZ Beacon of Hope (President-Co-Founder of Beacon of Hope) – Executive Director

Magnify Funds has helped us become a sustainable non-profit organization. With Magnify’s knowledge and counseling, they assist us organizing events and setting up or policy and procedures. Providing always a kind and heartwarming environment, Magnify fund has always encourage our foundation to accomplish our goals and helps us walk through the path. Thank you!

Victoria Asuaje Cavalia Stables Foundation Executive Director